Appellant’s (FINAL) Reply Brief filed in the Skid Row Appeal – plus personal note

The past few weeks have been a blur. I have been grieving the loss of General Jeff, a mentor and friend, as well as gathering up the fortitude to push forward on projects I know he cared a lot about. Our Appeal against Superior Court decision BS170257 is definitely one of the projects General Jeff cared a lot about! It is my pleasure and honor to continue this Appeal. What happened to the Skid Row community was a grave injustice and its downright shameful the City keeps fighting this case. There have been SO MANY people that have helped in this fight – thank you! Thank you also to all those who reached out to me recently with your support and kind words – it has meant the world to me.

OK, back to the business at hand. General Jeff and I were both, separately, Appellants in this Appeal. Because we were representing ourselves (without a lawyer), we were not technically allowed to represent the Skid Row Neighborhood Council-Formation Committee, nor could we stay connected to each other legally, in this Appeal. So, General Jeff appealed as himself, Jeff Page, and I appealed as myself, Katherine McNenny, as a “Cross-Appellant”. Interestingly, the case (B304303) in the Appeals Court system reads, “Skid Row Neighborhood Council Formation Committee et al. v. City of Los Angeles“. Because I am a Cross-Appellant, the case is still moving forward, and I can still reference General Jeff’s Opening Brief – which is the main document filed in this Appeal.

All Appeals from cases like ours proceed in the same way. First, there is an Opening Brief, filed by the Appellant (in this case, General Jeff and myself), then the other side gets to respond with a Respondent’s Brief (in this case, the City of Los Angeles) and finally, the Appellant gets an opportunity to respond one last time (which is optional). General Jeff made clear to me he wanted to respond to the City one last time, and verbally told me the points he wanted to raise. General Jeff was supposed to write this final Reply Brief, but fate dictated that I write it instead. I believe that General Jeff’s Spirit was with me as I crafted it though, because it seemed to write itself in some ways… The very next thing that happens is that both sides are given the opportunity to present “Oral Arguments” – this will be in a couple months, give or take. I will, of course, update this website at that time.

Below link is to the FINAL Appellant’s Reply Brief for this Appeal, which is in response to the City of Los Angeles’ Respondent’s Brief, which was in response to General Jeff’s Opening Brief.

– Katherine McNenny

One thought on “Appellant’s (FINAL) Reply Brief filed in the Skid Row Appeal – plus personal note

  1. Katherine….you are a remarkable woman. If there are angels, and who knows given that we now know animals can use tools, I can only hope they are all lined up with you and General Jeff to bring justice when it is so much needed.  I will never forget the night, perhaps 8 years ago,  when nominations and speeches were made for a seat on the Downtown Neighborhood Council, a group I soon found was rubber stamp and without merit. Jeff, nonetheless, was running. He wanted representation for Skid Row. He gave the most impassioned speech for a seat at the table and broke down and cried, a  towering but emotional man who knew commitment and love.I do believe that our memories are stronger than all the possibilities of a Heaven. 

    Be well. Thanks for being a really fine human being.  Respectfully, Judith Hansen, now in Seattle with my daughters.

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