(Below list taken from an email sent by Mike Fong at Empower LA to SRNC-FC–> mike.fong@lacity.org )

1. US passport

2. California Identification Card (is similar to California Driver’s license. It states “Identification Card” instead of “Driver License”)

3. California Senior Citizen Identification Card (same as above)

4. A passport issued by a foreign government that is stamped by the US Immigration and Naturalization Service or the US Citizenship and Immigration Services

5. A driver’s license issued by another state or by a Canadian or Mexican public agency authorized to issue driver’s licenses

6. An identification card issued by another state

7. A US military identification card with a photo, physical description, signature, and identifying number

8. An inmate identification card issued by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

9. An employee identification card issued by an agency or office of the State of California, or an agency or office of a city or county in California

10. School ID

NOTE: We are waiting for confirmation on other forms of acceptable ID, such as ID badges from missions and social service providers in Skid Row…Stay tuned…We will provide all of the latest updated information as soon as it is confirmed by the City of Los Angeles.

We are still waiting for 100% confirmation on Stakeholder status, but this is what the City has confirmed so far.


(For more information see: http://empowerla.org/elections/)