The below photo is the “top page” of our SRNC-FC’s “Third Amended Writ” which was officially filed in Superior Court on July 27, 2018. This is shared publicly to show the official court stamp in the upper right corner.


The below document is a draft of our SRNC-FC’s “Third Amended Writ” (1281 pages). We decided to share this version because it includes links which go directly to each specific exhibit, once it is clicked on. This feature was meticulously added by Attorney Christine Challoner to assist with one’s review of our document.

There are ongoing costs associated with our legal case against the City of Los Angeles. Donations are appreciated. Please visit our page on Funded Justice to learn more HERE.



Our official page on the City of Los Angeles’ Department of Neighborhood Empowerment website–> http://empowerla.org/srnc/