Containment and Community: White Paper on the History of Skid Row and its Role in the Downtown Community Plan by Catherine Gudis, PhD

(Los Angeles Poverty Department Scholar-in-Residence, Catherine Gudis, PhD, just released an incredible draft white paper about the History of Skid Row that is well worth your time. In it, she discusses political representation for local residents and mentions the Skid Row Neighborhood Council effort. Her paper is relating to a re-zoning process the City of Los Angeles is currently undertaking called DTLA2040. General Jeff also released a response to DTLA2040 HERE. Taken together; these responses make the case for Skid Row as a distinct, historic and unique neighborhood.)

Containment and Community:
White Paper on the History of Skid Row and its Role in the Downtown Community Plan
Catherine Gudis, PhD
Scholar-in-Residence, Los Angeles Poverty Department
Associate Professor of History, University of California, Riverside
With Skid Row Now & 2040

4 thoughts on “Containment and Community: White Paper on the History of Skid Row and its Role in the Downtown Community Plan by Catherine Gudis, PhD

  1. General Jeff makes a better argument than the false narratives and puffing up of so called activists in this piece..

    In the same paper she criticizes High Tide while claiming skid row brigade whose leader is a huge supporter of a full liquor license for them.

    The most important issue left out of her paper is prop 13 , once prop 13 passed, Tax money that would normally have stayed local was now sent directly to the state. The CRA became a crutch for many cities because they all had one, but the County wanted a part of tax increment for their social services ,etc. Skid Row is not a creation of the city it was the question by the county over which entity was responsible for the homeless. The county was not nor will it ever acquiesce to building more affordable housing or providing housing for the homeless in unincorporated areas as well as facilitate it in the other 86 cities.

    This paper could have been written by the county.

    Forward to 2022, the whole city of LA is now an unspoken policy Of Containment. The county fighting the city determines policy. If you were wanting to continue your political career and you served on city council, your next and only move is board of supervisors . You would continue to also contain homelessness to the city of Los Angeles and never speak a word of decentralization on city council.Kevin can not run for board of supervisors , nor will he be mayor because he blamed the county , rightfully ,so , at press conference to setlle with the Alliance.,but all of those wealthy people across the county will never let him be mayor, board of supervisors, governor. His political career is dead. . The new containment policy is containment to within city limits of Los Angeles and if you challenge that, you are toast.


    1. Don, Catherine is calling her paper a “draft” and is very much interested in the type of feedback you provide. I am sure she would like to hear from you. I went to a meeting where she presented this paper and many, including myself, were giving feedback (although I had yet to read it). She was taking notes!


    2. Actually the City, County and State including ourselves are responsible for creating Skid-Row. I run a non-profit that has devised a plan to alleviate and mitigate the Skid-Row community. I am available for discussions on this topic.


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