As Chair of our SRNC-FC, I publicly announce that this morning we officially submitted our Official Response letter to the Department of City Planning (DCP) regarding the Central City Community Plan update (also known as DTLA 2040).

And as usual, we DID NOT hold back in firmly stating our position regarding the future of Skid Row and the direction we STRONGLY believe it should head towards as the City of LA makes plans for the next 20 years (hence the year 2040).

Please click on the below link and review our document for yourself!!


NOTE:….While our main letter is eight (8) pages, the attachments (which include my community activist organization ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS’ “Skid Row Resident’s Planning Initiative, Volume 1”), bring the overall total to 617 pages of unreleased documentation regarding all of our resident-led efforts over the past years – mostly from 2008-2015.

This is a historic document which validates Skid Row resident’s “Positive Movement” to improve our community where we live!

Please feel free to share this significant document that is GUARANTEED to shake up City Hall!!

-Chair (General Jeff)

One thought on “OUR “DTLA 2040” RESPONSE

  1. Those of us who have sat on the sidelines giving help where we could, but generally only observing, can only shake our heads at the time this has taken. It is the shame of the City. It is defining us.

    To date, DTLA has almost no toilets for the groups scattered throughout the area. SHAME. Few showers. SHAME. So much talking without action, SHAME. A gorgeous but ridiculous ly expensive housing as a showplace. SHAME. 400,000 being spent per unit for what was it 21 units. SHAME.


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