General Jeff speaks about COVID-19 in Skid Row on KPFK / Freedom Now / Saturday, March 28, 2020 / 11:00am

Listen to General Jeff speak on Freedom Now with Gerald Horne about Skid Row and COVID-19 starting at the 12 minute mark.

Also available in the KPFK archives under, Freedom Now, March 28, 2020 (


One thought on “General Jeff speaks about COVID-19 in Skid Row on KPFK / Freedom Now / Saturday, March 28, 2020 / 11:00am

  1. Either way! GOD WILL USE IT! This epidemic could be an ORGANIC PLAGUE sent – occuring in PROPHETIC REVELATION TRIBULATION TIME FULFILLMENT to cleanse the EARTH of ALL EVIL! HALLELUYAH! OR! It could be MAN MADE created, artificially, germ warfare / bacterial warfare developed primarily to depopulate the planet, also as A FEAR TACTIC to separate the people, driving the people to medications, vaccines, vaccinations etc; breaking the people down for NWO, ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, GLOBAL ECONOMY, microchip, mark of the beast = polluted blood, poisoned, contaminated, CURSED BLOODLINES via SHOTS, SPRAYS, SHOCKS, vaccinations, vaccines & medications etc! These CHEMICALS, medications, vaccines & vaccinations weaken the immune system, causing man made medication dependency, these vaccinations also enable genetically engineered, ethnically coded transmission of disease, polluting the blood with formaldehyde, aluminum, dogs blood, pigs blood, duck’s blood, radioactive waste etc! These HIGHLY TOXIC CONTAMINANTS cause BLOOD POISONING, CURSED, POISONED POLLUTED BLOODLINES etc! These vaccine SHOTS, HOT SHOTS & injections constitute EUGENICS: breeding TRASH: cursed, crippled, disabled, mentally retarded, nymphomanical individuals suffering symptoms of Alzheimer’s, unproductive, dysfunctional, lazy, homosexual, sexually confused, involuntary gender reassigned lethargic, undesirable, ugly, dis passionate, homeless, murderous individuals etc! ( genetic engineering means ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES IN cloning, controlling genetics, behavior, Breeding etc! This is PURELY EVIL! THE MOST HIGH IS ANGRY! HE WILL DESTROY IT! THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! HALLELUYAH!) This virus, developed as a depopulation tactic / mechanism / experiment etc could also be used as A SOLUTION to JUSTIFY LEGAL removal of SKID ROW homeless in preparation for REGENTRIFIED SKID ROW a.k.a. ‘THE ROW 2040’ sans Black people, sans homeless people, others placed in the trash, thrown away discarded as offensive, dysfunctional, unproductive, RATS, LEAK, PROBLEMS etc! I think that the City plans to depopulate SKID ROW, while housing the survivors in quarantined concentration camps, where they can be used as sex slaves, food for the cannibals, ENERGY for the vampires, SUPER HOT BATTERY CHARGERS, HOT LUNCHBOXED commodities for the pimps & human sex traffickers! Many are used as RESEARCH GINUEA PIGS in COVERT ILLEGAL CONFIDENTIAL HIGHLY CLASSIFIED GOVERNMENT ORDERED, GOVERNMENT FINANCED EXPERIMENTS, MUCH LIKE THE TUSKEGEE EXPERIMENTS! MELANIN IS STILL HUGE BUSINESS! These would be DNA, GENETIC, genome experiments sourcing valuable DNA for research! Stem cell research, stem cell facelifts for rich wealthy, affluent people etc! Many of the homeless people are murdered for their internal organs! The organ Industry is an incredibly lucrative market! Many Black men are being given estrogen & progesterone SHOTS in non consensual, sex change, gender reassignment EXPERIMENTS! Similarly! Many Black women are being given MALE HORMONE, TESTOSTERONE, STEROID SHOTS turning them into men! These non consensual sex changes, gender reassignments serve to prevent & to discourage Black people from reproducing! Also serving to make Black women ugly, flat chested, with dried out skin, NO BUTT, LEAST ATTRACTIVE, LEAST EXPENSIVE, 2nd, lesbians so that we are no longer attractive, distractions & competition for the white & Spanish female! MANY ARE BEING ENGINEERED TO SLEEP & EAT; Changing ‘cats into dogs’ so to speak! SPIRITUAL PEOPLE NEED TO FAST! AND PRAY – ALWAYS WATCHFUL & DISAPPEAR, TELEPORT OUT OF HERE! The majority of the subjects are NOT aware! Thusly, non consensual, highly classified & illegal covert & classified human experiments! Many are used in psych med experiments and fulfillment of SICK, DISGUSTING, DERANGED, SADISTIC, HEATHEN PAGAN SEX FANTISIES, SATANIC, HUMAN RITUAL SACRIFICE, ABUSE, TORTURE, DISMEMBERMENT etc! Organic plagues usually occur during this time when humans have LOST THEIR KNOWLEDGE OF SELF, LOVE OF GOD, LOVE OF SELF & HUMANITY, SENSE OF GOD, CONSCIENCE, HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS, A HIGHER POWER, THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE HIGHER POWER etc! When humans begin having sex with animals (BESTIALITY) , engaging in INCREASED hetero, homosexual, bisexual ORGIES, HOMOSEXUALITY, PEDOPHELIA, ANDROGENY, NECROPHILIA (sex with corpses), now we have same sex marriages & sex change operations, gender assignment etc ( THIS IS EVIL) ! I call this omnisexuality! CONFUSION ABOUNDS! The Roman Empire was one such HEATHEN, PAGAN WORLD POWER! IT BURNED JUST LIKE SODOM & GOMORRAH BURNED! The FIRE IS COMING! GOD WILL USE FIRE – THIS TIME TO CLEANSE DESTROY EVIL! NOT WATER! REVELATION PREDICTS THAT ROME WILL ARISE JUST BEFORE OR AFTER ARMAGEDDON, THEN THE FINAL WORLD WAR! MAN KIND IS DESTROYING ITSELF! IT IS LUCIFER, his fallen angels & their children of the night! ( vampires, cannibals, sociopaths, pedophiles, sexual deviants, sadists, murderers etc) They are now demons! They can never ever RISE! THEY CAN NOT ASCEND TO HIGHER HEAVENLY CELESTIAL DIMENSIONS! When human beings & other beings FALL , descend to these levels of lack of consciousness, sub human life styles, practices & living conditions; NATURALLY OCCURING plagues usually ARISE! This is an ORGANIC NATURAL MEANS OF UNIVERSAL MAINTENANCE OF HOMEOSTASIS = BALANCE, RE ESTABLISHING BALANCE, HARMONY! Thusly, when bad habits, UNCLEANLINESS, immorality, low vibratory, low frequency entities & energies proliferate then these NATURALLY OCCURING PLAGUES ARISE ONCE AGAIN! This is NOT the first time! These plagues existed during the DARK AGES in Europe! They were called Black plagues, beaubonic plagues (sp) etc! Diseases of the blood: BLOOD POISONING, POLLUTION OF THE BLOOD! CONTAMINATION OF THE BLOOD & BLOODLINES, ISSUES OF UNCLEAN BLOOD etc! DESTRUCTION OF THE MOTHER EARTH, abuse of animals & other sensitive beings IS EVIL! When HEATHEN PAGAN IMMORALITY, INHUMANITY UNCLEANLINESS, low sanitary standards, lack of or non existent sanitation become the order of the day; the earth cleanses, resets itself, it heals & purges itself of the evil, & restores itself every few hundred thousand or million years! This has been going on forever! We are at the BEGINNING OF A NEW AGE! THIS IS THE END OF AN AGE! NOT THE END OF THE WORLD! HALLELUYAH! HAVE YOUR WAY! LORD! MOVE LORD! THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN! HEAVEN on Earth is coming! It will arrive after the cleanse! A GOLDEN AGE OF HEAVENLY REVIVAL & REBIRTH IS COMING! HALLELUYAH! BETTER BE SAVED! ALL EVIL will be GONE! EVIL ON EARTH WILL CEASE TO EXIST = CHRIST’S TIME! HALLELUYAH! ZION FREED FROM CAPTIVITY! GOD IS COMING = CHRIST’S TIME! post note! Skid Rowdians as they are lovingly & fondly known as probably have a MUCH HIGHER NATURAL IMMUNITY TO DISEASE, GERMS & BACTERIAL INFECTIONS etc! Simply because they have been living outside exposed to the elements & other germs, bacteria, virus etc! Their immune systems are NATURALLY MUCH stronger! Especially Black people! They will either live or die! It will either make them STRONGER OR THEY WILL DIE! They will either develop a NATURAL IMMUNITY TO this & other disease or they will perish / succumb etc! ALL OF US! WE WILL EITHER OVERCOME OR SUCCUM! I believe that this is s hoax & man made because cases are a symptomatic ; urging people to go to the hospitals anyway! The vaccines & vaccinations will cause the symptoms of the virus or the virus itself! ONLY THE STRONG WILL SURVIVE! GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL! I EXIST IN A DIFFERENT REALM! IN MY WORLD ONLY GOD ONLY GOOD EXISTS! I still double up on LEMON JUICE, GINGER, GARLIC, TURMERIC, RED CAYENNE PEPPER, BLACK PEPPER, APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, CHARCOAL BAKING SODA, EPSOM SALTS etc! I DO MY BEST! I KNOW! GOD WILL DO THE REST! I JUST LET GO! I LET GOD! HALLELUYAH!


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