“Petitioner is informed and believes this is a case of first impression.” In other words, this has never happened before (the 2017 Skid Row Subdivision election goes to the CA Supreme Court)

From Petitioner’s research regarding California cases regarding the use of online voting or even challenges to an election involving online voting Petitioner is informed and believes this is a case of first impression.”

The above text is taken from a Petition to Review, just submitted by Attorney Doug Ecks. This is an appeal from a decision by the Second District Court, which you can read HERE.

According to legaldictionary.net, “A case of first impression involves a legal issue, or question of law, that has not been ruled on by a court that has jurisdiction over the case. Because this type of case requires the court to make an interpretation of some point of law, these decisions often become binding precedent, at least in the jurisdiction in which the case is decided.

Only about 3% of cases filed in the California Supreme Court are reviewed according to Court’s website.

The Court has assigned it Case No. S272999. You can read the Petition HERE.

Some highlights from the Petition below.

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