NAYSAYERS ->> “Skid Row will be cleaned up in 5 years or less!”

SKID ROW RESPONSE ->> “…Said by no one….ever!”

Further, these types of false accusations made by the naysayers clearly point to an arrogant “Trust me I know what I’m doing” attitude when We, The People of Los Angeles can clearly see that absolutely NOTHING is working and the naysayers don’t have anything they can point to at the DLANC that even remotely looks like a viable solution, let alone anything that proves they have homelessness under control!

Even further, these same naysayers seemingly assume that Angelenos in DTLA are stupid and will blindly believe their empty and worthless rhetoric….How can they sound so confident now, but don’t have any solutions to point to in the last 10 years that worked?….Do they really think they have things under control?…Or are they just too scared to admit they don’t know what they’re doing?

…And we’re supposed to blindly trust THEM???

Funny, history tells us to believe otherwise!!!

Believe in the #SkidRowNeighborhoodCouncil

#VoteYES4SkidRowNC and #MakeHistory

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