NAYSAYERS->> “Downtown should stay united together”

SKID ROW RESPONSE->> “What you’re saying makes NO sense whatsoever!”

Here’s why: It is IMPOSSIBLE to have a united Downtown LA for the mere fact that it’s already split apart on numerous levels.

For instance- There are already two neighborhood councils in DTLA…Downtown LA NC and Historic Cultural NC….QUESTION: Is 2nd and Los Angeles street in Downtown?.. Then why is that area not governed by the DLANC?….That’s because it’s in Little Tokyo and LT is in the HCNC- a totally different neighborhood council than the DLANC.

Further, Downtown is split up and divided by the BID’s who each have their own identity, brand, logo’s and colors…..Historic Core BID (green), Downtown Center BID (blue), South Park BID (forest green), Fashion District BID (yellow), Industrial District BID (red), Chinatown BID (red and black), Little Tokyo BID (neon green), Arts District BID (light blue), etc…If Downtown was already united, these BID’s (who all do the very same thing) would have a more unified representation for all of DTLA.

Even Further, Downtown is already split apart by different districts- Toy District, Flower District, Fashion District, Financial District, Jewelry District, Industrial District, etc.

Even MORE further (if that’s even possible!), Downtown is already separated into areas with different names, communities and cultural differences….Such as Bunker Hill, South Park, Arts District, Historic Core, Little Tokyo, Olvera Street (El Pueblo), Chinatown, etc.

There is already so much division in DTLA that the naysayers’s messaging sounds utterly ridiculous and totally misguided!

There is an OBVIOUS need for a Skid Row Neighborhood Council….Join us as we tell all those other divided groups in Downtown LA to scoot over and make a little room for one more….lol

Seriously, join those of us in DTLA that can see beyond the naysayer’s fear tactics and know that this is what’s best in order to improve Skid Row which will automatically bring all of Downtown together!

This is an historic moment for all of us in DTLA!…..And the history books will forever show that this is what DTLA did together to address homelessness.

#VoteYES4SkidRowNC and help us to #MakeHistory!

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