Come out TOMORROW afternoon to hear General Jeff & Adrian Riskin talk about the Skid Row Neighborhood Council election! Organized by LABC

From LABC’s Facebook event page (link at bottom):

“Friends and comrades,

We are happy to report that we’re back in session NEXT SATURDAY, AUGUST 26th at 2PM! The meeting we be held at the same place, meaning the UTLA building in Koreatown: 3303 Wilshire Blvd, Room 815.

We are very excited to announce the next development in LABC: speakers! Continuing on the theme of organizing Los Angeles, we are proud to host General Jeff of the Skid Row Neighborhood Council, and Adrian Riskin of, the best blog in the city.

The threat of the political recognition of Skid Row has terrified developers and local government alike, who have resisted the formation of the council at every turn. The importance of this project is evidenced by the lengths that gentrifiers have gone to defeat it. General Jeff is currently seeking legal representation to challenge the election which would have formed the neighborhood council were it not for illegal electioneering by developers. He will speak about the challenges particular to organizing the lumpenproletariat in a hostile political environment.

The political organization of these developers and their ties to city government has been investigated extensively by Riskin. Much of his work has been made possible by the use of the California Public Records Acts.

The format will differ from previous meetings. We will meet, and after a brief introduction, each guest will speak for a half hour or so, followed by a question and answer section — followed by discussion, socializing, and building socialism. Readings are supplementary, but will introduce you to both guests and their work.

The readings:

In Solidarity,



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