LANCC Meeting Saturday August 5, 2017 by Katherine


The Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition or “LANCC” held a meeting on August 5th, 2017 at the DWP Headquarters in Downtown Los Angeles. LANCC is an alliance of Neighborhood Councils who come together to advocate for issues collectively, thus amplifying their voice. There are several of these “alliances” across the City. Terrence Gomes, who is the current Chair of LANCC recently agreed to take up the concerns of the Skid Row community over our election- specifically the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment’s disregard of the recommendations of our Election Challenge Panel they themselves convened.  The meeting before this one is where LANCC talked though and ended up passing the motion below (unfortunately there is no audio of that meeting and no one from the SRNC-Formation Committee was in attendance either). This LANCC-drafted motion is something that can and will be followed up with. Thanks LANCC!


Among many issues at this meeting, electronic or online voting was discussed and the Skid Row Neighborhood Council election got mentioned. To listen to part of this discussion, jump to the 1:23:50 mark, where Mike Fong from the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment speaks first. My comment is at the 1:30:45 mark.

More information about LANCC can be found here –>




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