SRNC-FC Official Position RE: FBI Arrest of CD14 Representative Jose Huizar

OFFICIAL RESPONSE:….The Skid Row Neighborhood Council- Formation Committee (SRNC-FC) officially releases a statement addressing the lack of proper representation by our LA City Council representative (Jose Huizar) who was recently arrested by the FBI on RICO Act charges- racketeering, money laundering, bribery, “pay-to-play” organized crime and more!

The #FailedLeadership and corruption dates back several years and involves Huizar and others working for the City of Los Angeles conspiring to intentionally tank our 2017 election to create the SRNC, in favor of Downtown LA and overseas real estate developers.

SRNC-FC Huizar Corruption Letter- 2B-1SRNC-FC Huizar Corruption Letter- 2B-2

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