MYTHBUSTERS #2:….re:…Skid Row Neighborhood Council

2. NAYSAYERS–> “The Skid Row Neighborhood Council won’t support new development projects in that area”.

SKID ROW RESPONSE–> “Funny how people who have NEVER even attended ANY of our SRNC-FC meetings know so much about a newly-proposed group that doesn’t even exist yet!”…(We’re just trying to get it started, not trying to plot to take over Downtown Los Angeles!…Geez)

In fact, we didn’t even need a Skid Row NC to oppose a highly-insensitive microloft project that we opposed because it was “poorly-timed” with thousands of homeless folks abandoned on our streets with ZERO plans in place from the City of LA, County of LA or anyone else!….We were left with NO CHOICE but to oppose the project, especially when these “Salvation Army buildings” were formerly used to provide housing and services for homeless folks with an entire building focused solely on housing and services for homeless women…And once the City Councilmember representative for the DTLA area heard our position, he agreed with us!…(While the DLANC still supported the project and we didn’t even have the SRNC yet!)

Further, with a Skid Row NC, hopeful business owners and their investors won’t waste their time and money by attempting to open a business where the community doesn’t want it…(ex: The meatball restaurant at Main and 5th called “Great Balls”)…..

….Instead of listening to the Skid Row community who immediately voiced our concerns about an alcohol-serving business opening on the ground floor of a residential building owned and operated by Skid Row Housing Trust where formerly homeless folks struggling with recovery from alcohol live, the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council misled the business owner/investors and had them believe that they could open without any significant negative pushback….(A costly underestimation for the business owner and investors!)….The space still sits empty to this day, yet no one has called the DLANC out for the role they played in improperly representing the true voice of the community which led to a failed new business opportunity!

By comparison, had there been a Skid Row NC, the business simply would have been told to choose another location in the same area and the local job hires and economic benefits would still continue to benefit DTLA to this day….(And as member of both the DLANC Board and the DLANC Planning committee during this entire process, I speak with firsthand knowledge on every public meeting regarding this project that many of us in Skid Row actually wanted in our community!)

As for market rate projects, the Chair of the SRNC-FC previously served on the DLANC for 6 years from 2008-2014 and supported the 100% market rate Topaz project in Skid Row on Main at 6th street…But the naysayers will tell you that we don’t want these types of projects in our community….Well, it’s already happening!…They’re already building them….With our consent!

Lastly, there is NO evidence that the Skid Row Neighborhood Council only wants a community full of all SRO-type housing in our community….In fact, it’s just the opposite, we want a “blend” of mixed-use, mixed-income with retail on the first floor with additional low-income housing units to help relieve the overwhelming presence of homelessness that we encounter on a 24-hour basis….With an understanding of the high;y-sensitive nature of the residential needs in our community.

Who best to lead this effort than us in Skid Row where we have NEVER wanted mass amounts of tents and encampments in our community!

The naysayers are simply “fear mongering” and should not be listened to!

#Vote4SkidRowNC #MakeHistory

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