#3. NAYSAYERS–> “They’re only doing it for the money.”

SKID ROW RESPONSE–> “Money?…..What money?….There are currently 96 neighborhood councils across the entire City of Los Angeles….The City allocates 42K ($42 thousand dollars) to each NC annually….If Skid Row NC becomes certified,, we would also be allocated 42K each year….The same as every other NC.

To be clear, once the City certifies the Skid Row NC, there will be NO financial deductions affecting any other NC’s….All other NC’s (including the Downtown Los Angeles NC will continue to receive their 42K allocation)…..The City will simply make the necessary budget adjustments the same as when the NC system was first created in 2001.

FACT:..The City of LA already gives all 96 NC’s a combined over $3 million dollars every year….What’s another 42K?

Further, with all the need in Skid Row, “the naysayers” act like 42K is the same as millions of dollars….lol

How would 42K be spent in Skid Row?…(Glad you asked!)

Just like all other NC’s, the City REQUIRES that they each have an office space….So that means monthly rent for an office (exactly where to be determined later by the actual Skid Row NC Board of Directors and NOT the temporary and currently-formed SRNC-Formation Committee)…..A mailing address to receive mail is also required (Does not have to be the same location- For example the Downtown Los Angeles NC pays for both office space and also a p.o. box to receive mail)

Also, the same as DLANC, the Skid Row NC would need to lease a heavy duty printer for the purpose of printing high volume materials, such as meeting agendas (which are required to be posted in various locations within the community)

In summary, rent, possibly a p.o. box, a printer and maybe a couple banners (for outreach events), website development (and possible webmaster services), letterhead paper and letterhead envelopes (possible) and the Skid Row NC has the bare minimum to open for public service to represent our community.

The remaining funding can be approved by the Board for community projects and/or events such as 1) clean-up campaigns which need supplies (brooms, trash bags, etc), 2) tree maintenance after new tree plantings, 3) etc.

And TO BE CLEAR, NONE of this funding will go directly to anyone on the Skid Row NC…..Just as with every other NC in Los Angeles, City requirements include the following process- For example, let’s say a community project asks for funding from Skid Row NC for their event….Whatever amount they need, the event organizers MUST provide an invoice from the vendor, that invoice is forwarded to the City and upon approval the funding is allocated from the City directly to the vendor…At any point after that, the vendor can release his/her goods to the Skid Row NC (who then gives it to event organizers) OR directly to the event organizers (however the Skid Row NC determines for best business transaction)….Then there is follow-up paperwork for the Board-designated Skid Row NC Treasurer to give to the City.

Again, at no point will any money go directly to any individual in Skid Row!

So with Skid Row in need of well over $42 thousand dollars per year, who can actually say “They’re only doing it for the money” with a straight face…And mean it??

#Vote4SkidRowNC #MakeHistory

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