#4. NAYSAYERS –> “We don’t need another neighborhood council, that would only separate us. We all need to work together.”

SKID ROW RESPONSE –> “That’s not true!…..And is FAR from the truth!”

PROOF:…Skid Row has been a part of the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council (DLANC) since the birth of the DLANC in 2002…..There was discussion back then to possibly create the Skid Row NC…..The Downtown business sector and the Skid Row non-profit social service providers dominated the conversations and led everyone to believe that a “together” strategy was the best solution for Skid Row and DTLA.

Here we are 15 years later, and while the rest of DTLA has improved greatly with multiple billion dollar projects and hundred million dollar projects all around us, Skid Row is arguably in a worse state that it was 15 years ago….How has “working together” benefited Skid Row?….What can anyone point to that proves BEYOND ANY DOUBT that the DLANC did something to improve Skid Row that wasn’t initiated by Skid Row residents?

Who are you trying to fool Mr. and Ms. Naysayer???….Skid Row has continuously been put on the back burner by the DLANC as they continue to move the rest of DTLA Forward (pun intended)

What we in Skid Row are saying is let the DLANC continue to focus on the “Downtown revitalization” (of which they’re doing an excellent job!) and let us in Skid Row focus on our community and as we improve Skid Row all of DTLA will automatically be improved!….Now, isn’t that working together?!!!

It’s the same as lifting a heavy piece of furniture….If we’re both standing in the same spot we won’t be able to lift it completely, BUT if we stand in different areas, TOGETHER we can lift it much easier.

There is NO DOUBT that both the Downtown LA Neighborhood Council and the Skid Row Neighborhood Council will work together to make all of DTLA better, which thereby will make the entire City of Los Angeles better and more international tourism, economics and much-needed resources from all over the world can be brought in which will only benefit our great City and thus all Angelenos!!!!

#VoteSkidRowNC #MakeHistory

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