NAYSAYERS–> “There is already plenty of representation on the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council so there’s no need for a Skid Row NC”.

SKID ROW RESPONSE–> “That is extremely false and a complete misrepresentation of the truth!

Backstory, when the DLANC began in 2002, it was decided that Skid Row would be better off as a part of the DLANC….There was one “Central City East” resident seat (that a Skid Row resident could qualify for, but it was NEVER designated as a Skid Row seat from 2002-2008)

When the Chair of the Skid Row NC-Formation Committee served on the DLANC from 2008-2014, he immediately moved to change the Central City East resident seat and it was soon thereafter officially changed to “Central City East/Skid Row” resident seat (in the bylaws) which pleased many in the Skid Row community and got more people involved in attending DLANC meetings and working together. (We call that PROOF of what works!)

For the 2016 DLANC elections, this very same seat was changed to the “Center City East’ resident seat (Not “Central” City East, but “Center” City East)…Which means Skid Row has ZERO presence in the identification of DLANC Board seats and attendance at DLANC meetings has dropped significantly.

Further, the DLANC “Homeless” Board seat IS NOT limited and/or reserved only for a homeless person in Skid Row…In fact, any homeless person within the boundaries of the DLANC qualify for this seat (think:…Anyone living under a freeway underpass or an alley or storefront in DTLA)

Even further, the Social Service Provider Board seats (There used to be three of them, now there are only two), ARE NOT reserved and/or limited to only Skid Row service providers…In fact, many current and former DLANC Board members who have won these Board seats DID/DO NOT work for Skid Row non-profit orgs and therefore don’t represent Skid Row’s interest.

So to be clear, while “the naysayers” paint a “best-case scenario” image of Skid Row being represented in multiple DLANC Board seats, there are NO protections to ensure this happens, so of the current 24 DLANC Board seats, Skid Row is not identified in ANY Board seat. (Myself, along with many others in Skid Row, don’t even know what the “Center City East” seat represents or why our “Skid Row” seat was removed and/or /replaced.)

In summary, we in Skid Row don’t even see ourselves being properly represented on the DLANC Board so how can our community’s issues be addressed?

And as long as Skid Row’s issues continue, ALL of DTLA will suffer.

That’s why we need you to

#Vote4SkidRowNC and #MakeHistory

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