NAYSAYERS->> “Skid Row is just fine how it is and doesn’t need it’s own neighborhood council”

SKID ROW RESPONSE->> “Are you ouuta your mind??!!!!”….Skid Row is just fine how it is????….Are you guys being serious about that?….That sounds utterly ridiculous!

Anyone speaking against the creation of the Skid Row Neighborhood Council is a LIAR if they say they care about homelessness, want to end homelessness or say they support Skid Row residents….In fact, if anyone speaks against the creation of the Skid Row Neighborhood Council, they obviously have a hidden agenda- so simply ask them what it is and get right to their REAL thoughts and mindset!

Do they trust the government and simply hate change?…Are they the upper 1% who doesn’t care about the working class or the poor?…Or are they Downtown gentrifiers who actually think Skid Row’s missions and over 100 social service provider non-profit organizations are gonna just up and leave any time soon?….Hmmm.

You know things are beyond bad when Skid Row residents couldn’t take struggling to survive in inhumane conditions any longer, got together and decided to do whatever it takes to improve where we live…..Isn’t that a good thing?….Isn’t that what we all want?….Apparently not….wow!

Has anybody else realized that we still have two more months to go before they finally release the new 2017 Homeless Count numbers?….Why does it take so long?…That’s your taxpayer dollars at work….That’s your government….Again, do you trust them?….Look at Skid Row….We didn’t create this mess- they did!

People tied to “special interests” groups in Downtown don’t want the Skid Row Neighborhood Council…..That means “they” would rather it remain exactly how it is- thousands of homeless people living in squalor- tents and makeshift encampments on most public sidewalks, trash everywhere, germs and diseases due to lack of adequate sanitary options (i.e.: restrooms), lack of decent low-income housing to get these folks off the street- Who in their right mind truly thinks we WANT to live like this??

If you believe this, you have been fooled and are not listening to the people stuck in Skid Row who want change!…..And when Skid Row changes for the better, we all win!


#Vote4SkidRowNC and #MakeHistory

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