“We, The People Of Skid Row” videos (Hayk & Ron)

Grass-roots videos in which Skid Row community members ask folks to join them in voting YES for the creation of the Skid Row Neighborhood Council.

Video #4- Hayk Makhmuryan- Is a humble advocate for community strengthening through arts….Works in Skid Row as Head Coordinator of LAMP’s Art Programs.

Video #3- Ron Crockett- Lives and volunteers in Skid Row….Founder of the Fun Zone Reading Club for Homeless Kids, Groom4Success (Gives free haircuts to homeless men, women and children), Vets Helping Vets (Feeding Homeless Vets in Skid Row) and is the official voice of the award…-winning Skid Row 3on3 Streetball League where both players and fans nicknamed him “Skid Row Chick Hearn”!

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