“We, The People Of Skid Row” videos (Pastor Cue)

Grass-roots videos in which Skid Row community members ask folks to join them in voting YES for the creation of the Skid Row Neighborhood Council.

Video #5- Pastor Cue – Is the Lead Pastor of Tha Row: Church Without Walls ….Pastor Cue started this outdoor grass-roots church on one of the most dangerous street corners in Skid Row- Winston and Wall streets every Friday night at 7pm. He has been there faithfully for 10 years and counting.

Prior to this, Pastor Cue was/is a member of the rap group College Boyz (“Victim of the Ghetto” on Virgin Records) and is considered a Hip-Hop veteran and pioneer in his own right!

Pastor Cue used to perform for tens of thousands of rap fans all across the country…..He walked away from the fame and glitz to walk the streets of Skid Row and tend to GOD’s flock in the homeless capitol of America.


#Vote4SkidRowNC and #MakeHistory


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