MYTHBUSTERS #10:….There are NO “Lifetime Positions” in our Skid Row Neighborhood Council- Formation Committee bylaws

Our bylaws subcommittee voted to acknowledge the SRNC-FC Chair as “Founder Emeritus” for my over 2 and a half years of non-stop dedication to this process and effort as the primary leader.

FOR THE RECORD:…The idea and/or concept of “Founder Emeritus” or any acknowledgement WAS NOT initiated by the Chair, General Jeff, and, again, came from members of our bylaws subcommittee, the Skid Row community.

The explanation I was given regarding the “Founder Emeritus” recognition was that the SRNC-FC bylaws subcommittee wanted it to be clear that a Skid Row resident would always be recognized for leading this effort, regardless of who becomes Board President in the future- be it someone from the business community, non-profit community or other Skid Row stakeholder.

And throughout the duration of this effort, and as of right now, I have repeatedly stated that I do not intend to run for a SRNC Board seat, nor serve on the SRNC Board at any time- Unless a majority of my constituents feel otherwise….The same as it was when I served on the DLANC for 6 years from 2008-14.

#VoteYES4SkidRowNC and let’s all #MakeHistory together!!!

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