MYTHBUSTERS #11 : ….re:….Skid Row Neighborhood Council (MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR OF THE SRNC-FC)

There is a lot at stake regarding next week’s Skid Row Neighborhood Council Subdivision vote….Not only for Skid Row, but even more so for the rest of Downtown Los Angeles.

To put this in proper perspective, let me first state that this is arguably the most important vote in the history of Downtown Los Angeles. Think about it, with Downtown’s revitalization drawing interest from all over the world, that automatically means the rest of the world is watching this election process very closely also.

The City of Los Angeles’ image is of having pride in being a diverse and progressive City that cares about all Angelenos, with a special dedication towards homelessness. Skid Row is commonly known as the homeless capitol of America. And what the world has witnessed thus far is the exhaustive efforts by many who have been combative, belligerent, disrespectful and demeaning towards homeless and Skid Row residents who are merely attempting to exercise our democratic right to create a political voice which will help us to address the numerous inhumane conditions we are subjected to on a daily basis.

All the world hears, though, is Downtowners saying NO we don’t want your conditions to change…NO you can’t stop the homeless industrial complex…NO you can’t end the City’s Skid Row Containment Zone Policy.

With this type of public demeanor, Why would the rest of the world want to do business here?….Why would tourists want to come here?….Why would the rest of the world consider Los Angeles as a world-class city?….Why would the IOC award the 2024 Summer Olympics to the City of Los Angeles when their newfound logic is “If they don’t treat their own people with fairness and respect, why would they treat the rest of the world with fairness and respect?

As a PROUD Skid Row resident, it is embarrassing to have countless false accusations hurled at my community by NEIGHBORS who always claim they care about the less fortunate….NEIGHBORS who always claim they care about homeless men, women and children, including victims of domestic violence, rape and homeless vets…NEIGHBORS who voted twice recently to tax themselves to create new funding for homelessness, then laugh and insult the very people they claim to be helping and caring for.

The simple solution to avoid all of the unnecessary verbal abuse towards Skid Row would be to vote YES for the creation of the Skid Row Neighborhood Council, THEN everyone come to the table in a civilized manner and make the necessary adjustments- whether it be borders, Board seats or something else.

This way, the rest of the world can join us all as we celebrate another historic and ground-breaking moment in Los Angeles’ rich history, giving them something to admire and want to be a part of…resulting in increased business and economics for even Mom and Pop businesses who need all the help they can get to remain open in Downtown.

This is a golden opportunity for Downtown LA to showcase it’s goodwill to the rest of the world. Or do folks want to continue looking and sounding like immature high school sophomores?

Let’s showcase our collective dignity and class to the world which will not only generate even more business and economic opportunities, but also at the same time showcase our humanitarian side as well.

I am a homegrown Angeleno, and I am embarrassed for our city right now.

Intentionally spreading misinformation and constantly embellishing the truth just to win a local community election is SO small-minded that I felt the need to appeal to the inner-greatness within each and every one of us in hopes of reminding us all that we are America, we are looked at as leaders and the world is watching.

Let’s do this the right way….Let’s do it with class, dignity, respect and intelligence.

Let’s vote YES for the Skid Row Neighborhood Council and immediately begin to fix it and get it right as a United Downtown!

After all, THAT’s already the process put before us per the 1999 City Charter…Now, it’s our choice as a world-class city to exercise our American right to no longer leave homeless individuals and families to struggle to survive in squalor right in our Downtown Los Angeles streets!

#VoteYES4SkidRowNC and let’s all #MakeHistory together as one!

Peace and blessings,

General Jeff
Chair- Skid Row Neighborhood Council- Formation Committee

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