MYTHBUSTERS #12:….re:…Skid Row Neighborhood Council

SCENARIO ON APRIL 7th:…A homeless panhandler is on a busy street corner in DTLA asking for money…A DTLA resident walks by and says “Why don’t you stop being lazy and do something positive by contributing to society?”…and continues walking.

The panhandler responds, “I did,..I just tried to start a Skid Row Neighborhood Council, but YOU voted against it…Now I’m back to asking for money…Maybe you’ll give me some money next time I see you when you pass by…I’ll be right here waiting for you.

On April 6th, the choice is yours, DTLA….Do you want Skid Row to get up and “do something positive for itself” or remain lifeless waiting for YOU to provide for us for the rest of our lives?

It’s a no-brainer… #VoteYES4SkidRowNC and let’s #MakeHistory

…by helping us to help ourselves!

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