“We, The People Of Skid Row” videos (Lady Dee Dee)

Grass-roots videos in which Skid Row community members ask folks to join them in voting YES for the creation of the Skid Row Neighborhood Council.

Demetra Wilson-Washington aka “Lady Dee Dee” has been part of the Skid Row community since the 80’s and is currently giving back in a number of ways. Out of her 6th St. office connected to Central City Community Church (where Skid Row Karaoke happens), she welcomes all who enter with kindness and prayer.

She and Bobby Buck have produced a number of YouTube video segments called “Skid Row Talkz” where people from the neighborhood are interviewed about their lives in the community.

Lady Dee Dee is also an accomplished singer, recently appearing on America’s Got Talent. We are grateful for her support of the Skid Row Neighborhood Council!

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