MYTHBUSTERS #13:…Smoking gun proof that CONFIRMS that Skid Row NC’s bylaws can be amended AFTER a “YES” subdivision vote

City of Los Angeles ordinance 184526 adds section 22.819 to Article 3, Chapter 28, and in subsection (D) it clearly states (2nd sentence) “The Commission ” (Board of Neighborhood Commissioners) is authorized to make ANY amendments to the bylaws to satisfy Article III, Section 2 of the Plan (Plan for a Citywide System of Neighborhood Councils).

To view the full ordinance document, go to…/2…/12-1681_ORD_184526_9-29-16.pdf

In other words, there is still time for EVERYONE’s voice to be added to this important conversation!…As we have said all along, NO ONE will be left out (Skid Row knows what that feels like far too well and doesn’t want that to be the case now!)

Just know that prior to this effort, no one was listening to us so we had to start from somewhere….Now, we can all vote YES and then sit at the table together as a united Downtown!

It’s time for DTLA to UNITE and support the creation of the Skid Row Neighborhood Council.

This is an exciting time for all of us in DTLA!…Don’t let the naysayers fool you with wrong information….Hear it is….Read it for yourself.


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