MYTHBUSTERS #14:……Skid Row Neighborhood Council

NAYSAYERS >> “Skid Row doesn’t have any support from anybody that matters”

SKID ROW RESPONSE >> “Of course we do….In fact, the HCNC has given us a Letter of Support as have over 20 other NC’s across Los Angeles and many other organizations including;

1) Silverlake NC
2) Echo Park NC
3) Mid-City NC
4) Watts NC
5) Park Mesa Heights Community Council
6) Central Alameda NC
7) Zapata-King NC
8) South Central NC
9) Little Tokyo Community Council
10) Little Tokyo Service Center
11) West Adams NC
12) Skid Row Housing Trust
13) Weingart Center
14) LA Mission
15) LARABA (Arts District)
and many, many more!

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