MYTHBUSTERS #15:….re:…Skid Row Neighborhood Council

NAYSAYERS >> “Why do we need a Skid Row Neighborhood Council when we already have DLANC?”

SKID ROW RESPONSE >> “What can you point to that DLANC has done anywhere in DTLA besides write letters of support for any and all projects that come through their doors?”

Further, I’m sure all the Main street folks can look at this photo and know that it’s The Kitchen Table on Main and 4th…DLANC wrote a letter of support for this project after DLANC’s highly-touted Planning committee unanimously approved it first.

Then WHY isn’t it open?….DLANC neglected it’s responsibilities in doing due diligence and thus a developer wasted MILLIONS of dollars in buildout, permits and other fees and also retaining a Top Chef and on and on.

Had DLANC’s Planning committee actually known what they were talking about, this EYESORE on Main street would not still add to the blight in our community.

What is DLANC going to do about THIS project?….My guess is the same as what they’re doing with Skid Row….Nothing!….Just gonna leave it there and try to ignore it!..We know how that feels all too well.

DLANC FAILED this developer and is failing Skid Row!!!!


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