MYTHBUSTERS #16:…re:…Skid Row Neighborhood Council

NAYSAYERS >> “Voting against Skid Row is a good thing”

SKID ROW RESPONSE >> “You are sadly mistaken for so many reasons”

1) DTLA is representing the entire City of Los Angeles in this historic vote…. The City of Los Angeles historically prides itself as diverse, inclusive and a sanctuary city with love for Human Beings from all walks of life, including illegal immigrants and homeless individuals and families….A nO vote would PERMANENTLY dismantle all of these characteristics describing the City of Los Angeles to the world which thereby would lead to BILLIONS of dollars in lost revenue for the City from the significant drop in tourism and other international economics.

2) With the 2024 Summer Olympics to be decided this year in September 2017, the Skid Row Neighborhood Council vote has SERIOUS international implications…A nO vote would all but CRUSH any hopes the City of Los Angeles has at winning an Olympic bid….With DTLA making Los Angeles look supportive of inhumane conditions and not in support of the low man on the totem pole of life, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) simply CANNOT condone this position and will have no other choice but award the Olympics to the City of Paris, France whose image is much more considerate towards it’s poor.

3) Even if the City of LA (think Mayor Garcetti) is somehow able to overcome a tragic nO vote, the extensive additional energy to put a positive spin on such a devastating outcome will be taxing on our Mayor as he will become the “Lead Comforter” in both repairing the City’s image as well as reassure LA’s poor and homeless all during the beginning of his budget season…Lotta hearts and minds will have to be convinced across this City.

4) A nO vote automatically puts TREMENDOUS pressure on the DLANC….With the naysayers constantly branding the notion that “We don’t need a Skid Row NC, because we already have DLANC”, puts a microscope squarely on DLANC that will not go away anytime soon….And for each and every bad thing that happens in Skid Row (And of course there will be), automatically DLANC will be to blame and thus, everyone else who also voted nO.

Why go against the best interests of the City of Los Angeles and cost our City BILLIONS of dollars?….A nO vote is odd coming from the BUSINESS/developer sector because it actually thwarts long-term international business while forever crushing LA’s image it has worked so hard to improve over the years to make it more inviting to tourists from around the world….WOW!

But wait, there’s still time to get it right Los Angeles!

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