MYTHBUSTERS #17:….re:…Skid Row Neighborhood Council

NOTE:…This will be our final mythbusters information series entry…Hope you enjoyed our efforts to share truth and information

NAYSAYERS >> “There are mistakes in the SRNC application”

SKID ROW RESPONSE >> “NO, there aren’t…Stop spreading lies, gossip and using fear mongering tactics…The City of Los Angeles accepted and APPROVED our subdivision application AS IS so if it’s good enough for the City, it should be good enough for you!”

Further, if you truly know what you’re talking about, show us EXACTLY what you’re talking about and let us help you to better understand the process.

If anyone has an issue regarding our application, then you are probably upset with the application criteria….We did everything that was asked of us, hence the City’s approval…..If folks have an issue, it should be with the City, their criteria and their process.

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