*Photos* of General Jeff & Adrian Riskin speaking at an LA Beyond Capitalism event 8/26/17


Here are some pictures of SRNC-FC Chair General Jeff and Adrian Riskin of the blog MichaelKohlhaas.org  at a recent event in Koreatown hosted by Los Angeles Beyond Capitalism. Both were invited to speak about the recent Skid Row Neighborhood Council election, and its aftermath.

MichaelKohlhaas.org has been doing an incredible job of uncovering the network of Downtown moneyed conspirators that worked to suppress the vote of low income and mainly African American residents in Skid Row. The scandal is still, unbelievably, unraveling- just do a search for “Skid Row Neighborhood Council” to read more.

After the talk was over, the hat was passed for our legal fund– so, BIG thanks to LABC for their donation!

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