“…still moving forward with our efforts to sue the City of Los Angeles in both State and Federal court…” (By General Jeff)


BREAKING NEWS:….Here’s a photo which provides UNDENIABLE PROOF that the Skid Row Neighborhood Council- Formation Committee is still moving forward with our efforts to sue the City of Los Angeles in both State and Federal courts for their NUMEROUS election violations during last year’s SRNC-FC Subdivision election process. (The photo is of the court docket for Los Angeles Superior Court)

As you can clearly see, our case was originally filed on 7/19/2017….Also clearly visible is the date of our latest court date which was this month- 2/7/2018….We will announce our next court date at our next SRNC-FC meeting…(Stay tuned!)

This part of the legal proceedings is called a “Trial Setting Conference” which happens to see if both sides can reach an agreement (settle the matter) prior to officially going to trial…..Since our SRNC-FC has an overwhelming PREPONDERANCE of evidence against the City of LA, we are in a “no lose” position if our case, in fact, goes to trial….(Not to mention how embarrassing this trial will be for both the City and Mayor Garcetti to be sued by Skid Row residents and community when homelessness is spreading across the entire city like a wildfire with NO solutions actually working to alleviate homelessness, especially in Skid Row, Downtown Los Angeles.

ALSO BREAKING:…The SRNC-FC’s legal representative has submitted their Letter of Resignation….We respectfully cite due to “professional differences” as the reason for their departure (Highly unusual when we’re this close to victory, but alas)….So PLEASE spread the word that our SRNC-FC is once again seeking new legal representation for an easily winnable case, preferably an individual or law firm that is great in trial proceedings.

Please have any and all interested professionals contact the SRNC-FC Chair- General Jeff -directly at…. issuesandsolutions@yahoo.com or 323.445.0723….Thank you.


#SkidRowNeighborhoodCouncilFormationCommittee #SkidRowStillHere

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